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fish cutting machine

fish cutting machine

 1. After the fillet is put in, press the start button and then press the rise button. The machine starts to work-), press down to start lowering the lower blade.

2. Bevel cutting Angle of 30 ° and 45 °, section thickness of 1.5mm /2MM/3MM mainly, other specifications can be customized.

3. The maximum width of fish is below 15CM, the maximum length is 40CM, and the weight is 280KG. When cleaning, rinse directly with water.

4. The quick-frozen plate of the control panel can control the cutting speed.

5. Scope of use: suitable for cutting salmon, all kinds of boneless fish, pork belly, beef cutlet, pig liver, beef liver, squid and other soft varieties, but not frozen fish, fish with bone.

6. Features: all stainless steel body, high effect and labor saving, stainless steel blade, adjustable speed, one-time molding, even slice

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